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Cleaning Up Smoke and Soot Damages

If your home has suffered some type of smoke damage, whether from fire caused by electrical problems, human error or a stove top accident, you are no doubt feeling lost concerning how to clean up the mess. Your project may require some reconstruction if the fire was widespread or maybe if you are lucky, just a degree of clean-up is needed. Either way it is important that you know that smoke and fire problems seldom end with char damage.

Smoke and soot can travel easily and penetrate into other rooms of your home affecting paint, wallpaper, carpeting, furniture, curtains, clothing and many other items. To further complicate matters, fires are classified into two groups: simple and complex. Simple fires are fueled by pure fuels and most usually result in combustion. Complex fires are what most house fires are classified as. This type of fire is fueled by synthetic materials in carpeting, upholstery, wiring, etc and most usually result in partial combustion which produces soot and acid deposits.

Regardless of how your fire began, you need to get your life back in order again and as soon as possible. It is necessary that you clean the smoke and soot soils as well kill and eliminate the odors they generated. Now, you can head on down to your local hardware or home improvement store and have a look at the various chemicals available to you. You should be warned however that more often than not, dealing with a lot of smoke damage is really nothing you should try to do on your own. Smoke is a sneaky creature as it gets into duct work, pipes, cracks, etc and travels to other rooms in your home. The chemicals sold at hardware/home improvement stores may remove most of the smoke residue off the walls, but they are very costly and the chances are good that you will need to purchase quite a few different jugs of cleaners in order to totally get rid of the soot and to deodorize the affected areas. Once you have spent many hours scrubbing, washing, rinsing and deodorizing, the chances are good that you will still notice the smell of smoke.

The recommended thing to do, instead of trying to deal with the problem yourself, is to call in a smoke damage restoration company. These companies use industrial strength chemicals, as well as advanced machinery and techniques to ensure that the problem is taken care of completely. Not only will they thoroughly clean the noticeable smoke residue but they will get into those hidden areas where soot is present.

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