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Contents Restoration and Cleaning

Homes that are damaged by fire and water can be rebuilt and restored. Carpet, drywall and cabinets and flooring can all be replaced. After all that have had been done there is still all your personal belongings such as furniture, electronics, paintings, pictures, documents and many other things that are damaged. At National Restoration Network we provide full content restoration services. We have large storage areas in our warehouse where we can store belongings while the home is being repaired. Our highly trained staff moves the damaged items off site to our warehouse away from infected areas.  We take great care of the items by performing all the necessary and safe procedures to ensure that they are properly cleaned.

Our technicians can restore most items of the home that have not come into direct contact with the fire or water. Our staffs in the electronic and content departments use many different techniques and tools for different items of the home. Due to the delicacies of such items as pictures and documents we use dry sponges to clean off soot and other debris. For wood products we use wood soaps and polishes. After items have been cleaned there still can be the remainder of smoke smells.  The item is then moved to the ozone machine for deodorization. The ozone machine works by taking all the oxygen out of the air and electronically replacing it with ozone molecules. While this is being done our scented deodorizer replaces the soot and smoke smell with a new fresh scent. Electronics from computers, DVD players, TV’s, radios, and vacuums that have been damaged by soot, smoke or water can be fully restored if not totally melted or shorted out.  Our highly skilled technicians used specialized equipment and cleaning products to safely clean items. Depending on the severity of the damage in some cases a simple wipe down with chemicals and vacuuming can clean a device. Whether the device is simple wiped down or washed it is always put into the drying chamber for deodorization. Drying chambers consist of dry air heated to one hundred twenty degrees. The high temperatures are ideal for the pores of the device to open and release the smoke or other smells then replacing it our fresh deodorizer scent. For more seriously damaged devices we wash them in our Odell washing station. In this station technicians hand wash devices with electronically safe deionized water and electronic safe cleaning chemicals.  This station is great for devices covered in heavy soot and debris from water damages.  From there the item is put into the drying chamber as well for drying and deodorization.

For any content and electronic restoration needs National Restoration Network is here to help. Our staff is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week in the event of a disaster. We will work directly with you or your insurance company to ensure that your preferences are met during the restoration process.

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