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Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup

Trauma cleanup entails cleaning up after violent, obtrusive impacts made to the human body. Most often great quantities of blood and other infectious materials must be removed from the site of the incident. Although homicides account for a small number of trauma cleanup situations, a professional trauma cleanup company knows how to get rid of the blood and other organic material quickly, safely and thoroughly. Violent suicides are unfortunately a bit more common than homicides and are situations that call for professional assistance as well . Most often family members and close friends are deeply traumatized following the abrupt end to life and are therefore in no position to deal with the aftermath.

Professional companies that deal specifically in trauma cleanup should be called in. Once summoned this team of professionals will arrive on the scene to undertake the bio-hazard cleanup task. This type of company will respond to clean all types of properties including homes, offices, automobiles and industrial and government properties. They are staffed with only certified personnel to ensure that a high level of professionalism and safety procedures are followed. It can be expected that the cleanup team will stay on site until the job is completely finished, at which time the property owner will receive a confirmation that the property is safe to inhabit once again.

An unexpected death is a very traumatic experience for friends, co-workers and family members to experience, regardless of the circumstances. While the emotional toll surrounding these events is very high, there are physical details that must be dealt with very quickly. Professional trauma cleanup teams are experienced in dealing with the aftermath of a homicide, suicide, accident or unattended death. It is not recommended that untrained individuals attempt to cleanup the results of these events because there are risks involved with being exposed to bio-hazards such as the spread of infection and traumatic stress disorder.

Most trauma cleanup jobs involve aggressive decontamination as many times blood borne pathogens and other organisms are present. If the body was not discovered right away, then it is very likely that natural decomposition has taken place which means that various bodily fluids and by-products could have penetrated clothing, bedding and carpeting. The horrible odor of death also is likely to be present which must be handled using special air cleaning techniques. Therefore, it is always recommended to call in a trauma cleanup remediation team any time an unexpected death has taken place.

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