Water and Flood Damage Restoration Services

National Restoration Network goal is to provide quality restoration services for any size home or commercial water damage disasters. With our staff and crews on 24 hour 7 day a week call you can be assured that when disaster strikes we are prepared. Our strategic planning and knowledge allows us to mobilize damages and produce a quick recovery rate. For any type of water damage from bursting basement pipes to overflowing flood waters we are prepared for the worst. As a disaster can occur at any time our semi trailers are already pre loaded with air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, and moisture testing equipment. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal and National Restoration Network is here to work with you and your insurance at your preferences. We provide Local water damage technicians to cleanup and dry out your property quickly.

We are backed by highly trained IIRC certified technicians and a large inventory of state of the art equipment. These crews will salvage through the structures items, sub flooring, carpet, drywall, hardwood flooring, tiles, and cabinets to help reduce the overall cost of claims. We use techniques and units such as the Injectidry Systems to help reduce the long and short term affects water damage, including damages to the structure and potential health hazards relating to mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria. Among our large inventory of specialized equipment we also offer the TES drying system. This technique combines controlled heat and air flow producing high speed evaporation. In most jobs the drying process can be completed with 30 hours and that includes hardwood floors, carpeting, wall and substrates. Our army of desiccant dehumidifiers can handle any structure from residential, commercial, or industrial. These units drying specs range from 3200 to 15,000 cubic feet per minute and can dry properties up to one million square feet if necessary. These desiccant dehumidifiers work at best in large open areas and as where most industrial units fail to work in cold temperatures and low humidity our desiccant dryers still perform excellently.

With our experience in working in FEMA declared flood and storm emergency areas are services are top notch in the restoration field. Our services can help minimize remaining water damages and help stop the mold or other airborne decadent to spread. With our trained professionals and strategies we can assure you that wherever the source of the problem is that it will be fixed. Contact National Restoration Network and remember our #1 goal is making sure the customer is satisfied.


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